Ambience-Soy Wax Melt

Ambience-Soy Wax Melt

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Fragrance Notes:


Green Leaves, Palm, Anise

Sage, Sugar

Important Information!

These wax melts are made with 100% all natural soy and botanical oil. Wax melts are to be used only with wax warmers.  Each clamshell contains 6 melts. Wax melts are hand poured and hold about 2.75 oz of wax per clamshell.


How to use:   

1.Open Wax melt package and read safety precaution label on back of packaging!.

2.Pop out a wax melt cube and add it to your heated wax warmer.  As it melts, you will begin to smell its wonderful fragrance.  For strong fragrance, use more cubes, and for mild fragrance , use less.  Be sure to not over fill your wax warmer, and follow the instructions associated with your wax warmer.

3. We recommend use of these wax melts when your area is free from other odors or aromas.  For example, we do not recommend using these melts while cooking.

4.  Always practice safety precautions outlined in our packaging, and for the wax melter you are using.



Although soy wax is better for both you and the environment, it is known to have a  softer scent throw then candles that are made with Parraffin wax.  As with all wax melts, the scent throw may vary due to many different variables such as, the quality of the wax melter, size and air flow within a room, individual preference and sensitivity.  Over time, and with repeated use, the strength of the scent will fade. We do not use color additives in our wax, so over time, the wax may begin to yellow.

NEVER consume this product as this is not an edible product or a product made for consumption.  Keep Out of reach of children and pets.  Do not place wax on skin, or any areas of the body.  

Although we use natural and soy products, it is possible to have allergy to fragrances or other ingredients our wax melts may have come in contact with during the making of the product. Feel free to contact us regarding any questions or concerns.