Tranquil Reed Diffuser
Tranquil Reed Diffuser

Tranquil Reed Diffuser

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Box Contains 6 oz  Matte Black Glass Reed Diffuser Vessel, Fragrance Solution and Reeds.

Fragrance Notes


Coconut & Bamboo


Keep out of reach of pets and children.

Fragrance Solution is flammable. Keep away from light or flame.

Do not ingest or apply to skin .

Avoid placing Diffuser in areas where the vessel can be knocked over.

Solution may damage wood/porous surfaces or stain fabric if spilled.



Add fragrance solution to Diffuser Vessel and insert 6-10 reeds.

For larger rooms/ stronger fragrance, use up to 10 reeds.

Be sure to evenly spread reeds to disperse fragrance.

Flip reeds weekly or as needed to prevent reeds from drying.

Discard reeds once fragrance has completely evaporated.

Vessel may be washed and reused /repurposed!